Legacy Planning


Leave Your Footprint for Generations to Come

At a certain time in your life, often at mid-life or near retirement, many successful leaders reflect about the type of legacy they would like to leave behind. This is a unique opportunity for leaders to create a new direction and purpose for their lives.

Legacy Planning will help Leaders:

  • Identify core values
  • Identify causes and people important to your life
  • Create a plan to create a legacy

As a result of Legacy Coaching, you can insure that your name will be remembered for generations just as you would like it to be remembered.

Coaching Method:

  • Assessments
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Guided Direction
  • Clear Milestones
  • 1:1 Relationship will Maximize Success and Growth

Coaching Will:

  • Assess personal value of each core area
  • Define clear goals and measures of success
  • Create a personal plan with key milestones to accomplish goals
  • Hold business leader accountable until they reach their definition of success